Lyudmila Eyeliner Perfection
Permanent eyeliner allows you to look and feel your best 24 hours a day with no effort. Love the look, but hate putting it on? This is the treatment for you!
Whether you're working all day, sweating at the gym, or partying in the evening, you will always have your eyeliner on point!
Avoid the daily time-consuming routine and still have perfect smudge-free eyeliner.

Permanent Eyeliner

Wake up each morning with perfect eyeliner! Permanent eyeliner will never smudge or irritate your eyes. The look is individually customized and designed specifically for you. The pigment may be applied in a thin subtle line, or we can create a thicker and more stylized shape.
Upper or Lower Only: $300
Upper + Lower Liner: $400

Lashline Enhancement

With a small amount of pigment at the base of your eye lashes, we accentuate the natural beauty of your eyes and add subtle definition. We can enhance your upper lashes, lower lashes, or both, and we can make the lines as thick or as thin as you like.

Upper Lashline Only: $200
Lower Lashline Only: $100

Eyeliner Add-Ons

The sleek and clean lines of the Wing Tip Add-On create a refined yet naughty "cat eye" effect.
The Shading Add-On creates a dramatic "smokey eye" look. The shape and line thickness are customized for a more subtle enhancement, or for a bolder look.

Wing Tip Add-On: +$100
Eye Shadow Add-On: +$100

1. Consultation

During the consultation, we don't apply any pigment. Instead, we take the time to discuss the procedure in detail, and we determine the shape, color, and line placement that will achieve the look that you have in mind.

2. Preparation

Before applying any pigment, I will draw the lines in pencil and take care to verify symmetry. Once you are satisfied with the look, I will apply a safe topical anesthetic cream which takes about 20 minutes to take effect.

3. The Procedure

The procedure takes about two hours to complete. I use a specialized medical-grade device to carefully apply the pigment to your upper and/or lower eyelids. If you feel any discomfort, I will reapply the numbing cream as needed. To ensure safety and hygiene, anything that comes into contact with the skin is always discarded after treatment.

4. After Procedure Care

Some scabbing and fading of color will occur after the treatment as your skin heals. This is expected, and nothing to worry about. Please follow my after care guide recommendations and allow the tissue to heal. Four weeks after the Initial Procedure, you need to come back for a Refining Session during which we apply the pigment a second time and lock in the color.

5. Refining Session

Please return within four to five weeks of the initial treatment for the complimentary Refining Session. Getting the perfect eyeliner is a two-step process and the Refining Session is necessary to set the shape and color. The Refining Session will build on the color that is already absorbed by the skin. The same process as the initial treatment will be followed.

6. Maintenance

The color will slowly fade over time, and eventually you will need to come in for a color boost to maintain the look. The exact timing is different for each person, and to some extent it depends on external factors like sun exposure or the use of exfoliating skin care products. If you follow the provided care guide, the rate of fading will be reduced significantly.
Is the eyeliner really permanent?
As the skin exfoliates, the pigment gradually comes out. The fading may become noticable after nine months, or it may last for several years. If you follow all of my recommendations, it should last longer, but you can always come back for a color boost. It is permanent in that some of the pigment will remain even after fading, but it does fade over time.
Are the eyeliner procedures painful?
I use a safe topical anethetic cream to numb the area before applying pigment. If you feel discomfort, I will reapply it as needed.
Is the procedure safe?
My hygiene and safety protocols meet and exceed the standards set by the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. I never reuse anything that comes in contact with the skin during the procedure, and I take extreme care to ensure cleanliness in my work environment.
Will my eyeliner fade once it is healed?
The color tone may appear darker at first, but it will lighten significantly as the skin heals. This this is normal, and the color stabilizes only after the Refining Session. Please follow the provided care instructions to reduce fading.
Is there a recovery time?
You do not have to take any down time, but it will take a few weeks to heal. During that time, you must be extra careful to follow the care guide that I will provide for you after the procedure so that you can avoid losing pigment during healing.
Is permanent makeup really permanent?
You will find that the pigment does fade gradually, but some visible pigment will always remain. The fading happens at a different rate for different people, but you can expect it to last for 9 months at minimum. For most people, a color boost is typically needed after about 2 years. To help you keep the pigment for longer, I will provide a care guide for your reference.


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